“My job as your consultant is to support you in achieving

the best outcome for your community”


I work with local groups and indviduals, town and parish councils and local authorities.


Every group is different and my role is to understand what it is you want to achieve and provide the tools and support to help you succeed - I tailor my support to you.

Here are some of the things I can help you with - please contact me for more information:

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  • Neighbourhood Planning - I support all aspects of Neighbourhood Planning including:

    • Setting up a neighbourhood planning group and applying for neighbourhood area designation

    • Supporting your application for grant and technical support

    • Developing a robust evidence base

    • Helping you to engage your community about the Plan using a variety of tested techniques and activities

    • Undertaking Local Call for Sites and site assessments

    • Developing a Sustainabilty Appraisal to support your plan

    • Devising policy options and helping you translate your vision and objectives into planning policy

    • Liaising with landowners, developers, the local authority and statutory bodies

    • Producing maps for engagement and for the policies themselves

    • Writing promotional literature, website development and social media strategy

    • Preparing supporting documents - Consultation Statement, Basic Conditions Statement

    • Supporting you through the Examination and Referendum

  • Other support - I also offer the following support:

    • Project management

    • Research

    • Infrastructure Delivery Plans

    • Design and Access Statements

    • Questionnaire design

    • Community engagement and consultation